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NuPly ™ High Temperature Paper Insulation

Nutec, Inc is pleased to introduce our new line of wet-laid, non- woven paper products call NuPly™. NuPly is manufactured in two fiber grades, MaxPly2 made with MaxWool-HI alumina-silica refractory ceramic fiber and SuperPly2 manufactured using our low bio-persistent, silica-calcium- magnesium oxide fiber, SuperMag- HI.

Both grades are available in similar widths and thickness, and have the same density and other physical properties. 'HI' high index, low shot fibers combined with a natural process washing gives NuPly Papers the low dust and improved low thermal conductivity of premium grade high temperature paper. NuPly Papers contain a small amount of acrylic binders, which will burn-out in high temperature applications.

Product Properties

Paper Grade SuperPly2 MaxPly2
Thermal Rating °F °C °F °C
Maximum 2200 1200 2300 1260
Recommended 2100 1100 2150 1175
Melt Temp 2750 1500 3260 1800
Chemical Analysis
Al203 >1% 47%
SiO2 65% 52%
CaO 30% >1%
MgO 5% ND
Other >1% >1%